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Shipping & Returns

We provide international free shipping. Your product will arrive within 5-13 days.

If your product is damaged or malfunctioning, when delivered, you will be able to get a refund by contacting our customer service.

For further information please read our refund policy.


¿The product really is quality?

The product is of the best premium quality on the market, certified by several international organizations.

¿If the product is not in condition it can be returned?

Yes, at fastcook™ we are committed to offering you a refund and return of the product if it does not arrive at your home in condition. As can be seen specifically in our returns and shipping policies.

¿The product is safe?

That's right, extracted directly from our certified factory and approved by large organizations in the field, it allows us to offer the top range of vegetable chopper to our clients around the world.