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Magnetic Mixer-MagStir

Magnetic Mixer-MagStir

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Say goodbye to lumpy drinks forever with MagStir!


Whether it's your morning coffee, baby milk powder, chocolate milk, protein shakes or any other beverage, our innovative magnetic stirring technology ensures smooth, lump-free blends every time.



No more stirring or manual stirring – just mix effortlessly with MagStir.



Efficient Mixing: Ensures more efficient mixing with the two-speed timing function of the magnetic stirrer mixer. Choose from 1 or 5 minute mixing time options and save energy while meeting different needs.



High Quality Material: This magnetic stirrer mixer is made of stainless steel and PP material, which are wear-resistant, durable and resistant to high temperatures. It is also safe and ensures long-lasting performance.



With MagStir, getting the ideal coffee foam is very simple. Simply activate it, sit back, and let MagStir do the rest. Enhance your coffee experience with the convenience of hands-free frothing.

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